Col. Al-Sabr: full readiness among all sectors on the occasion of Ramadan

The Director of Security Media the Interior Spokesman Col. Muhammad Hashem Al-Sabr stated that accordant to the directives of H.E. the Interior Minister Staff Lt. Gen. r. Sheikh Jaber Al-Khaled Al-Sabah, it has been taking all preparations and security measures in all ministry sectors and systems and all security, preventive, precautionary and traffic measures required for the month of Ramadan were completed.

The Interior Acting Undersecretary Lt. Gen. Ghazi Abdulrahman Al-Omar has issued his directives to all concerned security sector leaders, affirming on to accurately follow up and with consistent so the citizens and residents would enjoy with this blessed occasion, he cleared out.

The inclusive security plant laid down for this matter aimed to secure and provide security and traffic coverage, and imposing full traffic control on all roads and intersections to avoid traffic congestions, he pointed out.

Col. Al-Sabr stressed that there will be around the clock coordination among concerned security directorates and departments on implementing the inclusive security plan.

The Central Operations General Department is working as a link between all participated, assisted and supported security systems, he added.

The Traffic General Department mission is to mobilize traffic patrols and intensify them to be present on all roads, intersections and controlling traffic signals through the Central Control Room; where Patrols General Department is implementing specified plans on traffic controlling at area enterances and exits, providing humanitarian help and assistant for citizens and residents when needed, Col. Al-Sabr stressed.

Col. Muhammad Hashem Al-Sabr noted that the Security Media Department is working to fulfill implementing the awareness media plan among the public that suits the security situation in Ramadan, and making announcements and guidance through all sort of media means.

The concerned security systems will take all immediate deterrent measures towards behaviors that cause such negative security phenomenon conflicting with public morals like harassing families and missusing fire works, he affirmed.

He called on citizens and residents to abide by the traffic rules and to follow security men instructions, fully complied with them on implementing the necessary measures that are required, in order to protect their safety until the end of the month and celebrating Eid Al-Fitr.

Col. Al-Sabr added, on the occasion of the advent of the holy month of Ramadan and with keen concern of the Ministry of Interior on respecting the virtue of this month, he urged on following with the public order, respecting muslim feelings and public morals and holding on Islamic values. The ministry is giving the attention to citizens and residents that law number (44) for the year 1968 stipulated on a penalty with a fine no more than 100/- KD and in jail for no more than one month or by which of the two penalties for anyone publically eating during Ramadan daytime and to anyone forces or foments or assists on this act with a possibility on adding a punishment to close the shop that was used to such act for a period of two months maximum; it is also stipulated in the second article of the law that it gives the power to the Interior Minister to issue a decision for closing such shops as necessary during Ramadan daytime to fulfill the purpose of this law, and the responsible of managing this public shop will be penalized if he violated the Interior Ministry decision with mentioned penalty stated in article seven.

He stressed that eating publically in public areas on the holy month daytime hurts mulim feelings and considered to be out of norm on this month, in which they are accostumed to such obedience and to fulfill one of the pillars of Islam even if it comes for those who have permission to eat during the month for such execuses, pointed out for those should not publically eat have it to be done away of people site and not publically because no one could know his execuses just only him, and this behaviour is a harm that has no reason for it.

The Director of Security Media Department the Interior Spokesperson Col. Muhammad Hashem Al-Sabr said the Ministry of Interior is taking the apportunity for this occasion to congratulate His Highness the Amir, His Highness the Crown Prince, His Highness the Prime Minister, government, Kuwaiti people and all residents, all brothers in Islamic and Arab countries, praying to His Almighty to return this holy month on us all with further prosperity and heavenly blessing.


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