GCC residents can enter the country with a tourist visa upon their arrival

HH First Diputy Premier, Minister of Defense and Acting Minister of Interior Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah has issued a ministrial decision amending the ministrial decision number 1228 of the year 2008 concerning the permission of the foreign resident of GCC countries to enter the country with tourist visa, granted upon arrival of any post of enteries. It stated in its first article (Subtituting with the statement of Article “1” of the ministrial decision number 1228/2008 which is pointed to the following statement: Without preaching the Amiri provisions decree number 17/1959 and the ministrial decision number 640/1987 pointed at them, the foreign resident of GCC countries, who has a valid residency no less than six months, is permitted to enter the country with a tourist visa, granted directly on the entery post for the group listed in the table annexed with this decision).

Also the Second Article stated (Banned from entering the country bearer of all travel documentes and bypass permits of all kinds).

GCC resident profissions who are permitted to enter on arrival for a tourist visa:

1. Doctors and Pharmacists.

2. Lawyers.

3. Engineers.

4. Consultants.

5. Judges and presecute members.

6. Academic professors.

7. Media press.

8. Pilots.

9. System Analysts and Computer Programmers.

10. Directors.

11. Business men.

12. Deplomatic staff members.

13. Company’s and Commercial Interprise’s owners, directors and delicates.

14. University graduates.


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